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Contact:Jim Mazziotti
Principal Managing Broker & Franchise Owner
EXIT Realty Bend


One EXIT Realty Office Is Motivated By A Fellow EXIT Realty Broker/Owner In Texas

Bend, Oregon (Grassroots Newswire) May 9, 2017
-- "It's time," said Jim Mazziotti, the principal managing broker and franchise owner of EXIT Realty Bend, located in beautiful Bend, Oregon.   "In a time where many real estate offices are offering fewer services and almost non-existent connections with their agents and piers, my goal is to follow the lead of a highly productive EXIT Realty office with a proven production model, " said Mazziotti.

Last February, Mazziotti, a seasoned veteran in the real estate business, heard a presentation by Jose Segarra that moved him.  Segarra is also a broker/owner of an EXIT office, EXIT Homevets Realty in located in Killeen, Texas.  While Mazziotti listened to Segarra's presentation he noted a few similarities between himself and Segarra.

Jose Seggara has been a licensed real estate professional for 23 years; Mazziotti has been in the business 25 years.  Seggara has been a franchise owner of his EXIT office since 2005; Mazziotti since 2006.  Seggara has, what may be considered in the real estate business a "boutique" office," which is generally an office with fewer than 25 agents. Segarra has 15 agents; Mazziotti has 25. However, one stark difference haunted Mazziotti. In 2016 Jose's Texas company more than doubled the production of Mazziott's Oregon office, with about half the agents.  "Jose attributed one element that I have, for the most part, overlooked in my business," said Mazziotti.

The EXIT Realty office in Bend, Oregon could easily be regarded as a highly successful office, by just about anyone's measurement in the real estate business, but Mazziotti  saw an opportunity. "Frankly, I am a competitive guy," Mazziotti said. "I found it difficult to sleep for several days following Seggara's webinar, so I began formulating a plan to assemble the pieces, do my research and initiate a plan," Mazziotti said.  I'm ready!

On Monday, May 8th Mazziotti planned a special connecting event to move in the direction he was led to by Seggara, and to begin an ACCOUNTABILITY plan for every agent in his office.  Mazziotti first connected with ZOOM, a cloud based video-conferencing platform to provide "ZOOM ACCOUNTABILITY" alternatives for his agents. Using the ZOOM format, agents will be in a position to schedule and meet with Mazziotti two-times each month for accountability meetings or meet with Mazziotti, the old fashioned way,  in the office. "I prefer to meet in person, but either way, said Mazziotti, I want every agent to have access to our moving their business forward in a way that meets their needs.  We have agents that live an hour from our Bend office, and I never want that to be a barrier for me to be available for them, and them for me."  "In business, and according to the Havard Business Review, an individual has a thirty-four times better chance for a postive result by simply meeting face-to-face than by connecting using email," Mazziotti pointed out.  "There is something about looking into the eyes of someone that is important to me. Mazziotti believes his connection, whether in person or utilizing LIVE video connections with his agents will take his office in the right direction.

For more information about EXIT Realty Bend, please call 541-480-8835. EXIT Realty Bend is located at 354 Northeast Greenwood Avenue, Bend, Oregon 9771.
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Jim Mazziotti, Principal Broker and Franchise Owner Of EXIT Realty Bend

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